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‘Specialising in Anxiety and Phobias and Using evidence based, proven techniques to effect real change’


Main Offices: ACP, 325 Aigburth Road, L17 0BL


Holding clinics at Lipstick Powder and Polish, 134 Hunts Cross Avenue, L25 8SQ 


Aesthetica by Sarah Jane, 114 West Derby Lane, L13 3DW


Registered Hypnotherapist DHP. Acc. Hyp; Dip (NLP); GHR (Affli.)
About Me

I combine evidence based, proven hypnotic and NLP techniques to offer a unique service to best suit your needs and help you tackle your issue(s), which will greatly improve your quality of life. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis have been surrounded in myth but I ensure I use techniques and strategies that are rooted in scientific evidence. I will work with you to achieve the best possible results and I will work with you to become a better hypnotic subject, which in turn will increase the efficacy of the treatment plans we use. All I ask is that you come with an open mind and a readiness to immerse yourself in the treatment plan. I originally gained a degree in Criminology and Sociology and a Masters in Cultural Policy and Management, then went to work in the Financial Industry. So it was a real departure to leave all that behind and retrain to be a hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. But am I so glad that I took that plunge as it is a really rewarding and interesting career! I have my Diploma in Hypnotherapy, one in NLP, specialist diplomas in Gastric Band Hypnosis and Smoking Cessation, and am currently working towards my Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy.

As a hypnotherapist

I have a slightly different approach to most hypnotherapists you will find out there. I won’t just ‘do’ hypnosis to you, I do it with you. That means we will work together. You will not just be a passive subject as I read a long script designed to bore you into hypnosis, you will be an active participant and will learn how to go into hypnosis quickly! We will even do some hypnotic phenomenon for you to experience what being in hypnosis is like for you. This is designed to be a it of fun, so no need to worry, but it does also serve a useful function and helps you to feel in control of our hypnosis session, and help you to understand that YOU are just as important in our session as I, as the Hypnotherapist, is. I believe hypnotherapy can only truly get effective results if the therapeutic journey is a collaborative one, where the client takes on an element of agency in their own therapy.


As a real person …

I am a single mum with two boys under 5. Other than hypnotherapy, I am totally obsessed with True Crime – be it documentaries, books, podcasts – I’m fascinated!! I eat, drink and breathe it! I also enjoy crafts (when I get the chance) and have started gardening in the last couple of years so in the summer I try to get the entire front of my house is covered in flowers!

For many years I have really struggled with anxiety and panic attacks. It got so bad in 2012 that I was unable to work, go anywhere or do anything. It was a struggle to even go to the local shop. Whilst I didn’t go to a hypnotherapist to help with this (oh I wish I had known then what I know now!) it has given me a very real understanding of how debilitating such an issue can be, but also the knowledge that there is light at the end of the tunnel.


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