How to get motivated! The Godiva Chocolate Technique!

As it’s the New Year I thought it would be a good idea to share something on how to motivate yourself for those who have made new year’s resolutions!

It comes from Richard Bandler (a developer of NLP), who (as the name of the technique suggests) loved Govida Chocolates, and wanted to use his compulsion for them to motivate himself in other areas of his life.

Some background

I have taken this from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). In simple terms, NLP believes that thoughts shape behaviours, and therefore looks at implementing new thought patterns to change unwanted behaviours.

For those who are interested, research into NLP has shown compelling results for the NLP approach to treating allergies and asthma, enhancing memory recall (including the NLP spelling strategy to improve spelling!), and of course their Fast Phobia Cure, which is not only helpful for treating phobias, but also for anxiety and depression in connection with phobias as well as for those dealing with psychological trauma.

Research has also shown that employing NLP techniques whilst under hypnosis can greatly improve the speed and efficacy of the results!

And so on to The Godiva Chocolate Technique – the idea is to increase your motivation by associating profound please with a desired behaviour (e.g. exercising)

To Prepare:

First of all you want two images ready – one of the thing you really desire (e.g. chocolate/Ferrari/Benedict Cumberbatch!) and second of the behaviour you want to desire (e.g. exercising/studying/cleaning)

Then get yourself in a relaxed but focused state, without distraction such as TV, phone etc, and have your eyes closed

The Godiva Pattern – The Method

First imagine the image of the thing you desire – really imagine it – touch it, hear it, smell it, taste it. ‘Step’ into the picture. Really see yourself in the picture of you mind with the desire object. Make it as compelling and desirable as possible – This is image one.

Then ‘break state’ – recite your phone number backwards

Then picture yourself doing the behaviour you want to desire – watch yourself doing it, don’t ‘step’ into this one. This is image two.

Now, imagine what it would be like to really desire this wanted behaviour – what might be the outcome? Are there any reasons why you might not want this? – If so, you will need to adjust the desired behaviour slightly until there are no reasons that you might not want the desired result to occur.

When you are ready imagine picture one BEHIND picture two, so that picture one is hidden behind picture two.

You then want to allow yourself to see part of picture one by opening a hole in picture two, then expand the hole so that you can really see picture one – and really experience your desire for whatever you have chosen for picture one.

Now hold on to that feeling of desire as you close the hole again so that you are now only viewing picture two – the behaviour you want to have the desire for.

Repeat this process at least 3 more times or until you feel like you have achieved the desire you have for picture one for the desired behaviour of picture two.

Test it – how do you feel when you look at picture 2 on its own? Over the following few days, see if your feelings towards the desired behaviour has changed. You can repeat this process as often as is needed.

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