Hypno spa is a non-contact service designed to get you feeling great in a single session! It makes a great first time hypnosis experience, especially if you don’t have a particular issue to work on, or are a little wary and just want to see what its like. If you have had hypnotherapy before, or are a previous client then you will love the restorative benefits of a reinforcing session. Hypno Spa starts with a brief hypnotic induction, then the hypnotherapy begins with a guided progressive relation accompanied by ambient music and beautiful essential oil aromas, designed to help you relax both mind and body. As you are led deeper into a hypnotic rest and relaxation, your will find inner peace and clarity that you will be able to return to again and again, even when not in hypnosis. Then going deeper, we will go into the custom experience of your choice (e.g. stress release or feel good about yourself). You will then be led out of hypnosis feeling refreshed, relaxed and renewed. The benefits will continue after your session too!